Is Boxing Safe?


Excellent question !

and one that any self-respecting parent should definitely ask. It is important to us that you understand how much we are concerned about the safety of your child. Amateur boxing ranks 71st among sports for injuries. Sports such as wrestling, diving, gymnastics, and even badminton are ranked above it. There are countless precautions and safety measures taken at every level to protect the athlete.

Amateur boxing in NOT about knocking your opponent out! In comparison to professional boxing, the objective and even the scoring system are entirely different. Amateur boxing is scored on a system where each technically correct punch is worth one point. A good jab scores the same, only for the punch or punches that lead to it. The focus of each contest is on scoring as many cumulative points as possible, not on taking unnecessary punches in order to deliver one hard punch.

Amateur boxing is possibly the most regulated and supervised sport of any amateur competition. It requires weigh-ins and physicals before each match. Another physical exam is done after each bout. Also, the equipment used in competition must meet rigorous specifications set down by ENGLAND Boxing. All boxers are required to wear protective equipment including gloves, headgear, fitted mouthpiece, groin protection and in the event of a female bout, chest protection. Even the padding in the rings meet defined specifications. As you can see, amateur boxing takes great steps to insure that when your child is here, we are doing everything possible to protect them.

When the sport of boxing is properly coached and supervised; amateur boxing can be an extremely fulfilling and valuable experience for today’s youth. It should be used as a vehicle

to instruct sportsmanship, values of conditioning a positive release of frustration and energy, as well as building self-confidence and character.


Boxing for Youth- What is good about boxing?

To begin with, boxing is a proven delinquency deterrent. The positive impact that boxing has on “at risk” kids is amazing. Unlike some other sports, boxing has a kind of “tough guy” image that is accepted in even the toughest circles. A kid’s friends might make fun of him or her playing football or tennis, but nobody harasses a boxer. Once the athlete is involved, the effect of a structured, organized program is almost immediate. All of a sudden, the youngster has a positive release of energy and frustration. The knowledge that the gym is a “safe haven” from the street can also serve as a very comforting thing.

The impact of a properly run boxing program is not limited to any one group. We have a tendency to focus on the “at risk” kids because we want to show how boxing can have a positive effect on a problem area. That’s not to overlook the fact that all kids need positive influence in their lives. The advantages of being involved in a properly run boxing program apply to all kids, no matter what their backgrounds are. It’s very rewarding to take a problem kid off the streets and help to turn him or her around, but that doesn’t mean that it is not just as important to provide influence on all the other kids, too


What sort of “Positive Influences”?

Lets go over some of the things that go into building character. By starting with, confidence, one of the primary benefits of being involved in a properly run boxing program is gaining confidence, by developing their skills in the ring and learning how to train properly to be in the right shape, athletes become very confident in themselves. This is a sort of trait that everyone wants to see our young people develop.

Along with confidence comes sportsmanship. Amateur boxing focuses on being a good sport. Boxers learn not only how to be good losers, but even more importantly, good winners. In the average gym, less than 1% of the athletes will become professional boxers, but all of them will become contributing members of society. In a properly run gym, boxers will learn the skills that will make them better people. The sense of self-worth that comes with achieving the difference skill levels of this sport is immeasurable.

Another big advantage is the fact that through the process of discipline and goal-setting learned in a good program, a youngster learns to be self-motivated and much more aware of the fact that doing the right things makes good things happen.

Another big positive to be gained from Amateur boxing is its influence on controlling Anger and Aggression. Boxing by design is a proven deterrent to anger and aggression problems. Athletes in a properly run boxing program learn that losing their temper or being overly aggressive is extremely counter-productive. An athlete soon learns that self-control is as important as being in good shape. We all know how important it is to have an effective way to control and positively direct aggression in today’s youth.

Another big advantage is the size and experience factor. Amateur boxing is divided into weight classes, so you do not have the weight discrepancies that you have in other sports like Rugby