Respect     Respect your coach, the trainers, the club, the equipment, the training, the sport your team and gym mates and also yourself. Respect and follow the England boxing Bi-law and code of conduct.


Discipline     Display sound judgement and morals. Develop and maintain self-discipline in the gym. This will spill over into all areas of your life. When asked to do the exercise, DO the exercise to you full potential. NO slacking, GIVE your best, what you put into your training is what you will get out of it. If you are not succeeding in your goals, take a look at your effort and self-discipline. Be on time with ears and eyes open, READY to work.


Teamwork     Do your part in motivating and assisting all members of your team/class in a positive manner, to develop camaraderie and work as a team. Be positive and helpful. Negative comments or gestures will not be tolerated. Eye rolling and back talking is your ticket out the door. If you are chosen be on the team, you will train with the team at designated team training times.


Cleanliness     No outside shoes on the gym floor. Pick up after yourself. do not leave equipment laying around, gloves and anything else you have used. Prior to putting it away clean up your sweat. DO this without being told.


Safety     Demonstrate proper technique and form in all boxing and fitness exercise. Listen to your coach. Hands must be wrapped prior to participating in boxing training. Do not punch any bags or touch any equipment without approval. Do NOT leave your gloves laying around. Put the kettle bells away properly. Put all equipment away where it belong. If you don’t know, THEN ask. Please bring enough water to every workout and make sure you stay hydrated after leaving the gym.


Sessions     NO PAY, NO PUNCH. Everyone participating in Acocks Green Boxing Gym, must sign in and pay. All guests must register at reception. Headgear, proper boxing attire. Minimum 16oz gloves, hand wraps, gum shield, running shoes and boxing boots should be brought to every session. Under no circumstances will low cut tops, short shorts, jewellery or makeup be tolerated during sessions.

Payment     Training payments are due before session starts NO exceptions. If NOT paid you will not be taking part in session


Gym Etiquette     LISTEN. Pay attention. Less talk, more action. Gets you the results. No cursing. Do not over step your boundaries as a boxer and teammate. Keep your advice positive. If someone does not want it, keep it to yourself. You may not as much as you think you do. When you are unsure of a skill, how to use equipment or how to do an exercise ask a coach or trainer and get the correct answer. Be polite and respectful at all time to all participants.


Gym Attire     NO low-cut tops, cleavage must be covered. NO short shorts. Shirts must we worn at all times. Compression shorts must be worn under shorts, as there’s not enough coverage to be worn as shorts. ABSOLUTELY NO outside shoe on the GYM FLOOR


Basic Rules     NO smoking in or around GYM. NO alcohol on premises, except for special events. NO loitering. NO fighting. NO use of your new found skills outside the GYM. Any sparring, contact boxing or fighting outside the gym will ban you from using the GYM. THINK THIS THROUGH . Be smart if you want to fight Coach Christopher Clift and AG team will train you for a bout. You will box/compete in a ring in a England boxing match and win a trophy. If you want to PLAY, GO PLAY Don’t waste our time. Please remember to stay hydrated outside of gym and bring enough water for your workouts. Respect the rules .